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in Arabic, zellige means
"little polished stone" 


prizing imperfection

Zellige tiles are hand-molded, hand-glazed and hand-cut ceramic tiles made from Moroccan clay. These stunning tiles have exceptional color, rich and nuanced color variation, wonderful surface texture and a brilliant finish across which light gracefully dances. No two zellige tiles are alike, and the hand of the artisan is ever present. These stand-out beauties remind us why unique and handmade products are covetable. 

the popham ethos

We love handmade tiles. We have an unabashed passion for color. Popham zellige is infused with our signature sense of fun and endless possibilities. With this collection, we aim to introduce some new shapes, scale and color combinations to this ancient medium, a similar edit we brought to concrete tiles.

Metric & Inches


All available colors


All available shapes in EU stock - US stock

An Artisan does not work alone

The work of an artisan is the time and work of a person, to be sure, but it is also the time and work of all of those who have passed on their knowledge of the craft. To understand the work of an artisan is to understand and appreciate their land and their culture, to acquire a fragment of it, and to pass it on in turn.  To invest in handmade products is to participate in human relations; it is to possess the real thing.
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All of our zellige shapes are available in any of the delicious colors from our palette.

In keeping with popham’s mission to give our customers the tools to create something truly unique, custom colors and custom shapes are also an option.
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