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Our delicious palette

All of our Zellige shapes are available in any color from our palette

and custom colors are available upon request.

color variation explained

The enviable variation of surface texture and color in zellige tiles is impacted by the play of light across a reflective surface, but this story of color goes far deeper. Read below for how we rank the variation for each of our colors.

no two tiles are alike

The color of zellige is impacted by a myriad of interconnected factors: the surface texture of the tiles; the glazes themselves; the way the glazes are applied; where the tiles are placed in the kiln; and temperature variations and air flow within the kiln itself. There’s a magic and a mystery every time we open the kiln and see what comes out. At popham, we are proponents of deep variation and have developed signature glazes that give this hyper-varied effect.  But we understand this isn’t for everyone, so some of our glazes give a more subtle color nuance. To help you understand and order what’s best for you, we’ve rated each of our colors based on the range of variation you can expect: V1 - slight variation, V2 - moderate variation, V3 - bonkers variation. 


With all of our zellige you’ll get the gorgeous effect of light bouncing off an uneven surface. But for color variation, we want to be sure you understand what you’re getting. 

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